Colors on the Brain!

Colors on the Brain is a small mobile game I created with my brother Daniel Prate. After working out what the game was I got a hold of a buddy of mine that is an artist, Aaron Bergh and he did the title screen for the app as well as parts for me to create the rest of the art needed.

I was listening to a Ted talk that started to talk about a brain test that is done where the person is shown a word and they need to say the color that the text is in as quickly as they can. So the word RED is shown but the text is blue so the person needs to say blue. This is a right brain test, based off the fact that the right side of your brain is responsible for color recognition. At the time, I had picked up a small Unity3d package where a ball falls and you need to put the blue ball in the blue bucket. By this time, I had tried colors, shapes, and letters in this package trying to figure out different methods to this mechanic (drop something and catch it in the correct bucket).

I started to think…this could be like the test I heard about. I could use this style to help sharpen people’s reaction times. I looked into what this test was and found out where it started and what its goal was and used it to make the following app.

Colors on the Brain is developed from the Stroop effect, which is named after John Ridley Stroop, who first published the effect in English in 1935. In psychology, the Stroop effect is used to gauge the interference or lag of a person’s reaction time on a task.

With Colors on the Brain, we went with a different approach than other games or tests have done. We chose to drop a word from the top of the device’s screen while in portrait mode and give the player a limited amount of reaction time to tap on the correct color in the bottom screen area of the device. We have two different game modes. The first is matching the color of the word to the correct color the bucket area which we call the right brain side. The second is matching the word itself to the correct word in the bucket area which we call the left brain side. Players earn a point for their score every time they put the correct word/color in the correct bucket and play repeated games to better their high score and improve their reaction times! Sounds like a win-win scenario to us.

Below are some in-game screen shots of the app. Colors on the Brain will be released on Google play store and the iOS apple store.


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