Garden Match & Pop

Garden Match & Pop was the first game that I made where I went into the project knowing I wanted it mobile. I was watching my child play apps on the iPad and most of the apps would have ads where they move the X button to different locations making it hard fro the child to actually play the game. It kind of angered me, so I thought F it I am going to make him a game myself. This was when he was turning a year old by the way…he is now almost 3 and will still pick up his android tablet and play the game! Daddy with the win.

I really wanted Garden M&P to be like that popcorn floor mat that you see kids jumping on at the mall, except they have to use their fingers for tapping and exploding fruits and vegetables instead of jumping around and stomping their feet.

App description:
Fun and education match and pop game for children of all ages. Players tap on the fruit and vegetables to pop them in the 45 levels of fun. Popping fruits and vegetables of the same color will generate combos which will earn more points.
– Easy to play
– Lots of fun
– Great game for kids
– Fun for all ages

Check it out in the Google app store now…it is worth it!


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