I lead the GameDay Hero through the full development phase on the design side. I was the Lead Designer with a team consisting of 4 game designers and 2 level designers a crossed two NFL apps. This app consisted of 8 minigames as well as multiple features such as leaderboards, friend system with challenges, store, power-ups, and functionality in all games, clans, and teams. Teams allowed everyone to be a part of their favorite football team and be a part of weekly challenges vs another team. I focused heavily on the Menu Design doing the conceptual UI design for the app. I also focused heavily on a fantasy player part of the app where you could see game scores, follow players you liked and get updates from the games and players while you played our game.

Daily I worked with the design team on all their individual designs; meetings and talking through designs, making sure we kept in line with the direction that was chosen, GDD reviews, review meetings, conceptually designed the menu’s, playtesting, usability testing, implementation of features.

NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes is an action-packed football themed game. Players race against the clock in fun mini-games, including Image Blast, Rusher Under Pressure, Spot What’s Not, Scrimmage Swap, Laces Out, Clutch Catch, End Zone Rush, and Food Flick. Customize your own football player, and huddle up together playing across a Local Wi-Fi with your friends and family and have a fun-filled game while you compete to be the GameDay Hero!

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