Eat My Dust is a Racing MMO for boys and girls ages 9-12. Players joined team scorpion or team dragon and raced and battled against players from the other team. Players also needed to destroy zombies and players from the other team if they were caught in the team-specific zones.

We had a bunch of car parts for the different chassis you could select. Changing things like weapons, tires, rims, front hood area, back part of the car, sides of the car, drivers, and engine upgrades. Players could have a car that was very normal looking as well as super decked out cars that looked like a scorpion or dragon. The car types were a lot of fun to make but also had a difficulty attached to them. We had to make sure a cat tail would work on all cars we designed. This was cool though because it meant the player could have a scorpion head on their car, with dragon wings on the side, and a cat tail on the back!

Adding car parts, weapons, and drivers would change the attributes of the player’s car. The player was also able to grind and earn coins to buy all parts in the game. They were also able to instantly buy the parts with turbo bucks (Vcash).

We had multiple game modes in EMD; Racing was the main mode and we had different ways to go about that. Normal racing, knock out mode, and weapon mode. We also had other modes like King of the hill; this was a constantly running game mode in the main world. It would start when players entered a specific zone in the world. A flag of the team winning would rise higher as players are in the zone and winning the battle. When a team raised the flag to the top there was a reward and display for the winning team.

Capture the Flag is another mode in EMD; players entered a battle team blue vs white. The players needed to grab the other teams colored flag from the map and return it to their own base for points. The team that had the most points at the end won the match.

This was a fun MMO to make and play, I thoroughly enjoyed creating this game and world. Things I was a part in creating for EMD are:

Economy balancing
Weapon balancing
Car part attribute balancing
Car physics
Task based questing
Capture the flag
King of the hill
Reward screens
Racing Lobby
and more…

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