Fish Drop is a challenging 3d physics puzzle game with 15 challenging levels. The players’ goal in each level is to help all the fish that are stuck on logs above the water reach the water by sawing them away. The player can not just click away on all the logs though…there are different pollution items stacked on logs that will cause the player to fail the level if they fall into the water. This was one of the first games that I worked on with Diggames team and did in Unity 3d engine. Setting up the levels was a lot of fun because when I work with puzzle games I know I am designing it with one solution in mind so through testing I always make sure it works that way and then try to beat it in other ways. The great thing is with the playtesting we had I would still see people beating it in different ways that I didn’t think of. I also think the little fish steal the show when you hear them hit the water.

This is one game that I made that I wish I would have been more into mobile at the time because I think it is a great fit for that type of device. Right now it is only on web player, which is no longer available…

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