JumpStart 3D Virtual World is an online, subscription-based learning game that takes place in a safe, controlled environment. It provides content for children aged 3 to 10 years, though younger kids in this targeted audience will require help navigating the world to find activities suitable for their age. This was one of the first games I worked on it after I joined the company. I was the direction to make this “more fun”…yeah the words every designer loves to hear. Well, I worked with the producer that was overlooking the feature. Our goal was to turn the maze style activity into a game. We really wanted to focus on more of a Mario Brothers Style feel. We also went back to look at the comic book that the maze was based off and came up with enemies, a power-up, item pickups and a main goal for the player, turn Poe back into a real boy! Here is a nice video I found on youtube with gameplay.

Another thing in the JS MMO that I was given to work on as parts of a haunted house fun zone. The first section was a small tight hallway that I placed holes in the walls. Some of the holes I placed mummy hands that reached out and grabbed the player where some of the holes had no hands come out trying to grab the player. If the player was touched they were reset in the maze. I took inspiration from Resident Evil in setting this section of the area up.

There have been a handful of other things I have worked on in the JS world like a robot dance game! The player needs to press the correct buttons on the bottom of the screen as they float into the circle area at the top of the screen. I also worked on setting up the scavenger hunt item placements around the different scenes in the world. This was always a fun one because you got to place the items where ever you wanted around the world and make them a challenge for the player to find and collect them.

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