Math Blaster Online is an online role-playing game that is centered around educational play, aimed at kids ages 7- 10. As a player, your child will join the Blaster Academy and go through various training missions so they can learn how to protect the universe from bad guys. In Math Blaster MMO the first thing I worked on was player rooms. We wanted to give the players a place where they could decorate and make their own. I created a design for My Pod. Which was your own little space pod where you could decorate and invite friends to see how cool it was! We recently launched on Facebook as well which ages the game up a bit but the nostalgia feel is there for the older players!

I have since then worked on mobile controls for the games making sure everything feels natural and intuitive on tablets and phones.

We also have a mobile app out called Math Blaster Mutt Rescue which is a free 2 play app. I was the designer on a mini game called Mutt Jump and the Mutt pods which was an extension off the My pods.

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