Working on MLB was a bit more challenging for me because I was put on the PSP team and didn’t really know a whole lot about the PSP itself. I did what I always do though and researched the hell out of it. Purchased one off eBay for a little cheaper and got a handful of games and played the shit out of them. The size of the team for the PSP version was small as well (4 people). This was awesome though…it allowed me to put in lots and lots of bugs ranking as the second highest in bugs on the project (overall consoles). I even remember finding large chunks of bugs that the other console teams didn’t find but they happened on their versions as well when we went and tested them. I was able to test on the other consoles later on in the project as well which was fun.

MLB 2K8 was the third and final game that I worked at during my time at Take Two. I had been looking for a new job because I wanted something closer to my house. After almost a year of working there the drive home was killing me. It was only like 30 miles but it was sometimes taking 2 hours to get home…while the drive to work was like 35 minutes. I had gotten an interview at Treyarch and they offered me a position as a Dev Tester. This was basically the same job I had but instead of working at the publisher facility, I was going to be working in a dev house. Big move for me and I was super excited about getting the opportunity to work with artists, designers, and programmers.

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