Help rescue a rare Monster Mutt by raising and training your Mutt from a baby to an adult. Nurture and play with your Mutt and watch it grow! As it grows, more and more games will unlock for you and your Mutt to play! Help others care for their Mutts and teach your Mutt to control its superpowers and special skills!

Fun Features:

•Help your Mutt grow through multiple age levels!
•Design your Mutt’s own room!
•Play fun mini-games with your Mutt!
•Create your own mobile profile to share with friends!
•Earn rewards for taking care of other players Mutts!
•Make new friends through the Friend Finder!
•Play online with friends to experience more games and more Monster Mutt species!
•Connect with other Mutts online and play multiplayer games!
•Enjoy amazing 3D graphics!
•Use kid-friendly controls and instructions!
•Add up to 6 players per account!

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