I lead the Heroes & Rivals game through the full development phase on the design side. I was the Lead Designer with a team consisting of 4 game designers and 2 level designers a crossed two NFL apps. This app consisted of 8 minigames and one simulated football game called Redzone Rivals. We also had multiple other features such as leaderboards, friend system with challenges, a store where you can sell items back to the vendor, power-ups, and functionality in all games, clans, and teams.

Teams allowed everyone to be a part of their favorite football team and be a part of weekly challenges vs another team. I focused heavily on the Menu Design doing the conceptual UI design for the app. Daily I worked with the design team on all their individual designs; meetings and talking through designs, making sure we kept in line with the direction that was chosen, GDD reviews, review meetings, conceptually designed the menu’s, playtesting, usability testing, implementation of features.

NFL RUSH Heroes & Rivals is a competitive and exciting way to represent your favorite NFL team and become a football champion! Handpick your team and train hard by playing eight fun mini-games designed to help you practice different positions on a football team, including Perfect Pass, Breakaway, Gridiron Drill, Tackle Trouble, Jump & Juke, Bat Down Blitz, D-Dash, and Upright Aim. When you’re ready to put your skills to the test, a match-up against rival teams in a game of “Redzone Rivals”, where you’ll need to use smart strategies and your Football I.Q. to earn as many fans as you can.

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