When I started at Treyarch I new this was going to be the game that they put me on so I was pretty excited. I really wanted to work on something other than sports titles after doing that for the last year and I knew this had multiplayer in it as well. Which I thought would be great experience for me. I was able to test on 360 and PS3 consoles switching back and forth to double check issues before and after they were entered into the bug base. I had to learn a new bug base here but it was similar to the one that I used at Take-Two, so it was not a big deal. The biggest difference was Treyarch was a little different in the way that we tested. We were set up in teams, so it was not completely about how many bugs I found each day but more about how many we put in as a team. Especially when it came to the multiplayer testing. One really cool thing here was the designers and programmers would come and grab us if there were issues we found that they were having problems fixing. This allowed me to see other jobs here and how they worked with each other. I remember early on in the project they grabbed a tester that had scripting knowledge and moved him into a designer position. It was really cool to see that happen because it game me hope that I could make the switch someday.

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