Super Secret is an MMO game for boys and girls ages 9-12 to join up and chat and play mini-games together. The fantasy of being rich, living in a glamorous penthouse, and shopping at amazing stores was just a few experience points away. One of the first things I worked on was My Penthouse, which was the player’s penthouse apartment on the top floor. We allowed them to add items and customize the look of their room. We also allowed them to have parties that were themed. They could purchase a party and then make it private or open and invite friends to hang out in their room. Players were also allowed to vote on each other’s room.

Next up was a small dance game where the player had to match the arrow as it came down.

Another feature I worked on was introducing pets to the world. This was a lot of fun and believe it or not Gremlins was an inspiration while I was working on these cute little backpack critters.

Scavenger hunts was also a fun thing in Super Secret. I am sure I’m missing a few other things here as well…

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