Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private are recruiting new agents for the most elite of all elite task forces in their new multiplayer game, World of Madagascar! You can join the Penguins of Madagascar on top-secret learning adventures to rescue cute and cuddly baby animals from the evil octopus, Dave. With grade-specific learning in areas like parts of speech, capitalization, and punctuation, users complete super-secret missions alongside the Penguins in New York and Venice to save the baby animals from the totally evil and ultra-villainous Dave. There is code-breaking, animal-rescuing and, of course, Cheezy Dibble eating in this exciting new world! Features: PLAY WITH FRIENDS: Accompany fellow recruits around World of Madagascar and visit friends zoos to see who they’ve rescued! MY ZOO: Care for your newly rescued friends in your very own zoo! Feed and care for your baby animals and earn rewards in return.

I was the lead on this project working with the games main focused game designer and level designer on the project. With this project as with Dibble Dash, I again worked closely with the creative director keeping his vision for the WoM world. We have a main physics-based puzzle game the players are in and out of creating plans for the penguins to save baby animals. I will update this post with gameplay videos as I get them.


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