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I have been a lead designer on this project since conception. I have had a say in the creative direction and control of the design of the game. My role has grown in the past year or so since I have taken over as Design manager at JS games. I work with the SoD design team on creating new designs and making sure designs get implemented with our vision. 

Join Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and the rest of the Vikings in School of Dragons, a massive 3D world, where you play in the DreamWorks Animation “How To Train Your Dragon” universe with all your favorite dragons and Viking friends.
Raise, train and compete with your dragon — the more you accomplish with your dragon, the faster you will rise through the ranks at the School of Dragons and become the Ultimate Dragon Trainer.
Venture with your dragon on quests to the depths of the ocean, corners of Berk, mysteries within hidden caves, and more that will test your Viking’s knowledge and skill. True Vikings fear nothing, and dragons open up a whole new world of never before seen adventures.

Here is our launch video:

Here is a video for the first expansion Icestorm Island we released:

Here is a video for the second expansion Call of the Death Song we released:

Here is a video for the third expansion The Battle for the Edge we released:


A video for our fourth expansion Return to Dragon Island:

A video of our fifth expansion Secret of the Leviathan:

In the US, SoD is ranked in top 50 grossing iPad apps for RPG’s and Adventure games in the iOS store. In the Google store it is also top 50 for RPG’s.

Download iOS here.
Download google play here.

We are always working on new updates for the MMO.


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