Uncharted mobile gameplay

Some early puzzle game footage of the Uncharted Fortune Hunter mobile game.

I was enjoying playing this for a couple weeks and then lost interest. I think the main reason I lost interest was, I felt the puzzles were too easy. Is it possible that I didn’t play far enough into the game for it to challenge me more and make me want to keep playing…hmmm maybe….but I believe they should have challenged me sooner. It felt like I went through too many levels early on without being introduced to new challenges or mechanics. I honestly think I played through the first set and they were all the same. If not for the Uncharted IP I might have stopped sooner but I LOVE the Uncharted games so I kept on puzzle smashing for a couple weeks and then ended up stopping. I really did enjoy Uncharted Fortune Hunter at first, they had the humor in there, the controls were nice and simple, and the puzzle mechanics were easy to understand when they were introduced. You didn’t have to go through multiple attempts just trying to learn what something did. I still have the app on my phone so they did not lose me completely, I just lost interest and started playing other games on my phone let’s see if writing this helps me go back to play more!

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