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I am a creative game designer with 10+ years in the gaming industry. I have taken multiple games from the concept phase to fully released products.

I love making games and being a part of a passionate team. I embrace all of the roles I have done from creating new designs, breakdowns for our game analytics, helping team members on tasks they are working on, assigning tasks or making schedules, the goal is the same, release a product that you are proud and excited about.

Getting there is seldom easy but I believe that by finding the fun in everything I do. It not only helps me but it also helps my team deliver amazing results, on time.


What can I do for you?!

Design Document Review

Design Document Review

Review your design documents or help you write new ones.

Game Design Concepting

Game Design Concepting

Need help coming up with game ideas or fleshing them out more? I can do that.

Feature or Build Review

Feature or Build Review

Need someone to look at your game and help you make it great? I can do that too.

Game Consulting

Game Consulting

I can come onto your project and do the game design work for you.

Project Management

Project Management

I can help you create schedules and a plan for making your game.

User Experience Improvements

User Experience Improvements

I've done user experience reviews for multiple studios and have improved games for them.


View and download my resume for more information and contact details.

Freelance Rate

I am available for freelance work and can meet with you to discuss more about the project you are currently working on or one you are looking to develop. For first time consultations we can do phone calls, video conferences, or if it is local I can meet at your office.

My Rate
My rate is going to be between $45 - $70 per hour. This will depend on what what you are looking for in terms of service. I am always willing to work with smaller studios and if this rate is something that is not possible I am willing to work out a deal. Give me a call or email and let's start making games together!



I am a Game Designer with over ten years experience in the game industry. As a Game Designer and Producer, I have mostly worked with the Unity 3d Game Engine on multiple games from larger scale MMO's to smaller scale mobile games. As the Game Design Manager at JS, I manage the design team (10+ designers) on multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining high-quality standards and keeping my team on task. I work with all the designers on their features from concept to implementation. We focus on multi-platform releases which means we release the same game on iOS, Google, Steam, etc...our most successful game "School of Dragons" is currently on 10 platforms. This is a unique and fun challenge for us designers. I have a strong work ethic and a keen understanding of the gaming industry that has resulted in ideas leading to improve player usability through design, which has been recognized and praised by senior management.

Personal Info

  •  Greater San Diego Area
Don't just listen to is what others have to say.

School of Dragons

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