C++ final project

Check out my final project for my C++ class. You progress through a story making decisions as you go. It does not take a long time to play through it but I had a lot of fun working on it and also learning how to do some really cool stuff in C++.

Download the exe for my final project here.

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C++ adding a scoring system to Word Jumble game

In my C++ class, we had to add a scoring system to an existing game: Word Jumble.

Download the exe for my version of WordJumble here.

I added code for the scoring and left it so I could easily change it later. I deducted for hints and wrong words as well as gave a bonus for getting the word correct. This was only the third week in the C++ class but I am having fun learning something new and understanding C++ better.

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Sliding Goal Fifa 17

Jules was doing some recording and I beat the keeper with a nice slide tackle…goal…lol. Click to see the video. (more…)

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FIFA 17 Club play PK fail…

Yes, this was a very funny moment on twitch while we were streaming our FIFA Club play night. Lots of fun with a great group of friends. Here is one amazing moment where I get to take a PK…might be the last one they let me take. lol Click to see the video! (more…)

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Colors on the Brain Puzzle

Live on the Google Play store, coming Soon to the iOS app store!


• Left brain matching word to color.
• Right brain matching color to color.

• Training mode is a slower paced mode focused on brain training. This mode includes left and right, as well as normal and hard difficulties. Start slow with the normal difficulties consisting of four words and colors, and then take on hard and introduce even more words and colors!
• Frenzy mode is a fast-paced mode for those who have had enough of training! This mode maintains the left and right, as well as normal and hard difficulties from training mode, but takes the gameplay up a notch by dropping multiple words at varying speeds. Scoring words will knock dissimilar words back into the air, but be ready when they come back down!


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Learning some javascript


I am currently in school going for my master’s degree in Information Technology Game Design & Development. We are learning what JavaScript can do and this was one of the assignments from this week. I thought this was cool so I am posting. 🙂 (more…)

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